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DeRouchey Racing

Robert would like to thank my 2014 Sponsors:

Jeremy Farmer from Hog Wild Motorsports for my New Car.

Wes Hasting (Motor Wizard) from WHR for the motor work he does and all the information he gives.

Wade Huisman from Keizer Wheels for all my wheels in Black.

Robert and Dana at the 2014 Fall Classic

Robert wins 2014 Fall Classic Heat - Semi Main - Trophy Dash - 7th In A-Main

Robert 2014 HogWild Motorsports Chassis

Robert DeRouchey win 7/19/2014 main event with Dana.

Robert & Dana

Robert Win 7/19/2014 270 Micro Sprint Main Event.

Robert & Dana in Winner Circle

7/19/2014 Robert getting a good bit coming off the corner.

Robert with his driver in training Felix

Robert giving the 11/2/2014 Main Event Trophy to Dakota for his 9th Birthday Present

Robert wins at I-76 Speedway

Robert giving the 8/17/2013 Main Event Trophy to Mike Strand and his son Nathan

Nathan with the main event trophy

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